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Semi-automatic Skin Packing Machine

Application: Hardware parts, Spare parts, Stationery, Circuits Board, Fishing Rod, Housewares etc.
Suitable for: Heavy, irregular shaped and variety of products. Flexibility and cost minimum as no specific mould is required in production. Strong holding, shock-proofing and dust protected are the merits of skin packaging.

Model No. : T221A

Operation Area: L762mm x W588mm
Production Speed: 1 - 3 times/min
Power Supply: 380V / 15.25KW / 3Phase
Air Compressor: 5HP#
Air Pressure: 6 - 7Bars
Electric Consumption: 20.75KW
Machine Dimension: L2500mm x W1450mm x H1580mm
Weight(Approx.): 700Kg

Notes: "#" Not include Air Compressor